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Community Support as part of our Vision. Also Yours?

We live in a very unequal, egocentric, partially racist world, based on competition with a lack of unity and solidarity between people. We should all be one, and that´s why we want to give something back to our brothers and sisters, the community where we live in.

In recent years we had a Maya donation program, mostly applied to people taking the Go Maya tour. Thanks to their donations, we could help some families with food, clothes, school material. We could help elder people with e.g. a walker, we gave beehives to a beekeeper who lost all his bees, we supported some families economically and through our visit to the local communities we could give them something back. These were donations in a limited way and we couldn´t reach a lot of people with it.

As a consequence of the Covid-19 situation where a lot of local people is suffering more than ever before, and where Government support is not enough, we decided to amplify this program and we invite you to participate in it so that more people can be helped.

We decided to support existing, serious established local non-profit organizations looking for funds to help local people or projects. This can only be realized with your help.

One of the organizations we want to support is such a local initiative, called ‘Unidos por una causa’, united for a cause, founded by Mr. Farid Rosado and Ms. Vasty Noh.

Ms. Vasty Noh: ´My husband and I saw the need of some elder people in our neighborhood not having enough food. On October 16th 2016, together with 2 nurses Saul Montejo and Orlando Uch, we started to prepare some meals for them. When we could afford it and had the time, we made the meals. When our neighbors saw what we were doing, they decided to help with food they had at home. People was motivating us to continue, without political, social, or religious preferences, without profit or personal propaganda, only ‘united for a cause’.

Now they make about 100 meals/day for people in need, and this from Monday till Saturday.

To make this possible they need about 10kg of meat (chicken, beef or pork), a variety of  vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, potatoes and other local types of vegetables): 5kg each, 4kg of beans and rice, with a total cost of about 1000 pesos/day, which is approximately 50usd/euro.

Utensils for cooking can also be bought.

Ms. Vasty Noh: ‘Every donation helps. Sometimes people think it is not enough when giving a bag of rice, but I don´t see a bag of rice, I see 20 or more people that can eat this rice.’

To realize this project, it takes a lot of time, effort, and financial resources. Some people donate us money, but we need also volunteers to prepare, transport, and serve the meals. Sometimes we think to surrender, but the need of the people and the opportunity to do something keeps people’s hope and faith alive.   

If you want, you can also participate as a volunteer. Please let us know in advance. 

Not only do we give them a plate of food, we also want to bring them some joy. This is how in our group ‘United for a cause’ the idea was born to look for people who can donate their time and offer their services for free. Nurses, stylists, and local artists responded by providing their assistance free of charge. So, while the food is being distributed, haircuts, arterial pressure check and breathing rhythm, clown shows and musicians are participating as a volunteer.


Nurses providing their assistance   Stylists offering free haircuts to children   Clown handing out sweets after a children’s show.


Another big problem in Mexico are the Stray Dogs and Cats. Since a few years, thanks to 2 wonderful established organizations, we have less stray dogs/cats in Valladolid.

What do they use mainly their funds for? After picking them up from the street they give them shelter and food. They give them their necessary vaccines and spay/castrate them. You can also adopt a Valladolid Stray dog or cat, even when living in some countries abroad. They take care of the necessary documents for transportation.


APACC: https://es-la.facebook.com/APACCCValladolid-1467079180201906/

RESCATE MALIX: https://www.facebook.com/Rescate-Malix-Valladolid-Yucatan-191168168212322/

How can you support?

You can donate 1usd, 5usd, 10usd, 20usd, 50usd, 100usd or more 😊.

You can give us your preference: The Community restaurant or the Stray dogs/cats.

The organizations will receive the equivalent in pesos. They will buy the food in local stores, so more people get supported.

As a Social Responsible company, for every donation made, MexiGo tours will add 3% to this fund.

For everyone taking the Go Maya tour, 3% of each tour will also go to this fund.

If you are interested to visit or participate as a volunteer in one of these organizations, please ask us.

Yu´um Botik – Gracias – Thank you – Merci – Danke – Dank u – Grazie – Tack – Takk – Tak – 谢谢 – ありがとうございました

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