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Frecuently Asked Questions

Why would I book a tour? I could take a local taxi to go to the places you offer.

Taxis are not allowed to go around with you outside Valladolid. They only have a license for Valladolid town and not for federal roads. The Tourism Law for Transport in Mexico is very strict and is there to protect you as a Tourist. That´s why we drive with federal tourist number plates. You only get these once all the rules are fulfilled. One of the most important rules has to do with insurances.

Apart from this we organize everything for you, no hidden costs and the tourleaders – drivers – guides speak several languages. We don´t take commissions in the places we visit with you.

How close to date can I book?

We can do 2 different tours a day, so depending on the season there will be availability. The one who first books will be the tour we´ll do first.

What is the language spoken on the tours?

Tours are in English and/or Spanish.

However, it is possible to hire an extra guide at the archaeological site who speaks another language.

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan for lunch on the tours?

Yes we do. All places have vegetarian/vegan options. Please mention it when booking. Vegetarian/vegan is not a big part of the Mexican culture yet, so products like tofu, seitan will be missing.

Do you do Airport transfers?

Yes, Valladolid is located just in between 2 international airports: Merida and Cancun. We can pick you up there and bring you back. The comfortable ride is about 2 hours via the toll road. Only private, no shared shuttles.

Do you do half day tours?

Yes, we have half day tours to Chichen Itza and Ek Balam. Also the Piñata workshop, Go Cooking and Go Cenote by night are a half day. You can find these tours on the Home page.


Is transport included?

Yes it is, and safety is very important for us. That´s why we have cars, vans model 2018 and 2019 that comply with the ultimate Tourism Law rules. All vehicules have good airconditioning.


Is breakfast included?

Lunch is included on every daytour, breakfast not, except on the Go Sunrise. We recommend having something for breakfast before pick-up. Lunch is about noon and not at the regular Mexican lunchtime. Drinks at lunch are not included. 


Are entrances included?

All entrances are included, except for the cenotes on the Go Maya tour and the archaeological sites. It is very common in Mexico not to include the entrances of the archaeological sites in the total price, as there are a lot of exceptions. As in many countries adult foreigners pay the full price. Children under 12 pay less. Mexicans don´t pay on Sundays. Mexican students, teachers, pensioners get a discount.



Are tips included?

No, gratuities are optional for the service provided. Tipping is part of the Mexican culture and is always very much appreciated by the tour leaders, guides, boat drivers.

Once I´ve paid the deposit, how can I pay the balance of the tour?

The remaining balance can be paid up to the day before the tour through Transferwise or Paypal or on arrival in cash (USD or pesos). You could also pay the remaining balance by card (equivalent in pesos. We use XE.com for conversions). 

Can I pay with card at the office?

At the office it is preferable to pay in cash, USD or pesos. Payments with card are possible with an extra 4% fee.

Is it possible to pay in USD, Euros or cards at the entrance of the archaeological sites?

We recommend bringing pesos in cash with you. USD and Euros are not accepted anymore.
Cards only in Chichen Itza, but due to the long queues, we recommend bringing cash in pesos with you.



Why are entrance prices higher in Yucatan then in other states in Mexico?

At the entrance of an archaeological site in the state of Yucatan, you´ll have to pay 2 tickets. One is federal (Inah, national institute of History) and the other one is from the state (Cultur). The Inah one is not so expensive, but the state one is about 5 times the price of the Inah one. 

Is it mandatory to use a lifejacket in the cenotes?

For safety and insurance reasons it is mandatory in some cenotes.

When is the best time to visit the flamingos in Rio Lagartos?

The whole year flamingos are present in Ria Lagartos. Every month of the year is a good month to visit this biosphere. In the months of October till March you will see a good combination of migratory birds, local birds and flamingos. From April till September you almost won´t see migratory birds, but you should see more flamingos.

How close can we get to the flamingos?

We care about the flamingos. We respect a minimum distance of 50 to 100m/y not to bother them while they are eating. They are feeding themselves for about 12 hours a day. Only the fact of flying away, requires a lot of energy for them. We understand that its beautiful to see them flying, but if we scare them, we disturb their habitat. Unfortunately, not all local boat operators respect this vital rule.
We recommend you bringing a good zoom camera.

Should we put on our swimsuit before pick-up?

Only for the Go Flamingo tour we recommend putting on your swimsuit before pick-up, if you want to do the mudbath. You can change clothes afterwards at the restaurant.

For the other tours it is easy to change on site.

We also recommend bringing along a towel on all the tours.

How long are we on the boat in Rio Lagartos?

The guided boat tour is about 2 hours. This could take a little longer. All will depend where the flamingos are at that moment.

Can I get seasick on the boat?

Impossible as the boat ride is in an estuary, between the mangroves. It is like being on a calm river.


Is it allowed to go in the water from the Pink Lake?

You can´t anymore. Now it is even not possible to touch the water or get very close to it. This is because this would affect the process of the salt. 


Can I use a professional camera?

In some places you must pay extra to use a different camera or videocamera than the one from a cellphone. 

In Las Coloradas you can`t use a camera anymore. Only cellphones are allowed there.



Can I use a drone?

In most places, like archaeological sites, las Coloradas it is strictly forbidden.

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