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This yellow city hosts a huge convent and the third largest building in Mesoamerica in terms of volume. Beautiful, central located colonial city, founded in 1543. The ideal place to stay for a couple of days and a very good place to visit wildlife, nature, archeological and colonial buildings. Break in a remote cenote. One of the seven new world wonders.  Maya – Toltec site. This biosphere hosts the biggest Mexican pink flamingo colony and almost 400 different bird species. Its almost intact stucco facade makes it different to all the other Mayan sites Ex-convent of Santo Domingo, 17th century. This nature reserve hosts a large population of spider monkeys and a smaller group of howler monkeys. The second tallest pyramid of the Yucatán Peninsula and the Mayan Calendar(2012), make it one of the most interesting sites of México. Small village with an ex convent.  The Mayan Caste War started here in 1847. This village has two of the most beautiful cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula: X´Kekén and Samulá. Typical Maya village known as the middle of the world. One of the first villages under complete Mayan control  in the Mayan Caste War (1847 – 1901). Village on the Church route with a horrible history. Unique place in the world where you can see hanging snakes eating bats.

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